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PROGRAM YEAR JULY 1, 2019 – JUNE 30, 2020

All participants must be a Coachella Valley Water District customer and the property owner of the installation site.
The applicant must have an account in good standing with CVWD.
The participant must have a fully functioning irrigation control system. The system must have an electrical outlet that allows the CVWD representative to plug in the new controller. The customer must provide a photo of the controller plugged into an outlet in order to be eligible. The existing controller cannot be hard wired to the home’s electrical system.


The participant must be present for the installation site visit.
The participant agrees to leave the new smart irrigation controller in place for a minimum of one year provided that ownership of the property does not change.
The participant agrees to allow CVWD to inspect the new smart controller installation at any time within the first year by mutually agreed upon appointment.
The participant agrees to allow CVWD to determine the location of the weather sensor to be installed.
CVWD will install and program the controller. Regular maintenance and continued programming of the controller is the responsibility of the participant. Three or more visits for the same issue within a 12-month period will be charged at $75 per visit (first two visits are free of charge).
The participant agrees to allow CVWD to contact him or her for the purpose of conducting program research and agrees to participate in the customer satisfaction poll at the conclusion of the program.
By applying for the residential smart controller program, personal information listed on your application may be subject to disclosure to any member of the public who requests it pursuant to the California Public Records Act.
The participant has read and agrees to the conditions set forth in the following disclaimer:
Neither the Coachella Valley Water District, nor its contractors or agents, makes any representation or warranty regarding the irrigation controller utilized in this Smart Controller Program. By participating in the program, you waive and release the Coachella Valley Water District, its contractors and agents, from any and all claims and causes of action arising out of the installation or use of the irrigation controller in connection with the Smart Controller Program. Any claim you may have based upon any defect or failure of the performance of the irrigation controller installed in conjunction with this rebate program shall only be pursued with the controller manufacturer.