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CVWD Rebate Program FAQ's

Click here to begin the application.  Applications also can be picked up in person from CVWD, or they can be emailed or mailed to you.

CVWD processes the applications on a first-come, first-served basis.  We will notify you by phone or email to schedule a pre-inspection appointment.
No. CVWD must review and approve your application before you can start your project.  If you remove turf prior to your pre-site inspection and before receiving pre-approval, you cannot be considered for the rebate program.
You must have living or dead grass when you apply to be eligible for a rebate.  Completed conversion projects are not eligible for the rebate.

Your inspector will review your landscape and irrigation plans, measure and photograph the turf/grass area you are removing, go over program requirements and answer questions you may have.

It is OK to let your lawn go golden while waiting for your project to be approved.
The finished landscape should a combination of desert friendly plants and permeable landscape surfaces with a minimum of 25% plant canopy at full growth or maturity.  Artificial turf is also acceptable.  Turf cannot be replaced with all cement or jet black rock.
Mulch is a material that is spread 2-3” thick over the top of soil.  Mulch will restrict the growth of grass and weeds if you choose this approach.  Acceptable mulch includes compost, bark, wood chip, decomposed granite (DG) and crushed rock.
CVWD offers a rebate incentive of $3 per square foot of turf removed up to a maximum of 10,000 square feet which equates to a maximum of $30,000 for new landscape conversions per project area..  Projects can include front yards, side yards, backyards and parkways (small strips of landscape located between sidewalk and curb).  Front yards that have turf on both sides of a driveway or walkway are all considered front yard.  Customers are eligible to apply for additional projects each program year. If you did part of your yard this year, you may reapply after July 1, of next year for another rebate.
The landscape plan will show what the completed landscape will look like after replacing your existing lawn with a combination of desert friendly plants and permeable landscape surfaces.  Your plan will include 1) approximate square footage for your project areas, 2) plant list and quantities with plant locations on the plan; 3) major plant materials that will be used including locations and quantities, i.e., trees, shrubs, groundcover areas; 4) location and dimension of new hardscape areas; and 5) irrigation plan with the type of irrigation and component layout.
If you are unable to upload your landscape plans or photos, you can email them to [email protected]. If you are unable to email them, you can bring them in to CVWD Water Management and we will upload them and complete your application.
Mail to:
CVWD Water Management
P.O. Box 1058
Coachella, CA, 92236
To qualify for a rebate, you must have a desert landscape scene which includes a minimum of 25% plant coverage at full growth of drought tolerant plants irrigated on a drip system or artificial turf.  The goal is to help promote beautiful alternatives to turf grass.
Artificial turf is acceptable, but make sure that all completed work conforms with all applicable Federal, State, County, local laws, CVWD rules and regulations, as well as CC&Rs and/or HOA restrictions.
CVWD will not provide turf rebates for non-permeable surfaces such as a concrete patio, curbing, walkways or an extension to a driveway.
The final design cannot be only dirt.  It must include desert landscaping of low and moderate water use plants, rocks and decomposed granite or artificial turf.
Pavers or bricks that are sand filled and/or spaced sufficiently to allow water to pass through can be included as long as you meet all program requirements

You must submit a written HOA approval of your design to CVWD with your application for it to be considered complete and approved.

A filter and pressure regulator is an inexpensive device that will prolong the life of your emitters or spray heads.

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